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      1. ENGLISH

        Work with us

        We warmly welcome professors, PhD, and practitioners in design and fine arts disciplines to join us, and those with outstanding performances could apply for national the Recruitment Program of Global Experts or “Changjiang Scholar” Distinguished Professorship. Together we will build the domestic first-class School of Design with distinctive characteristics!

        1. Disciplines

        Design History and Theory

        Product Design Methods and Strategies

        Conservation and Regeneration of Design Cultures

        Fashion Design

        Digital Media Design


        1. Research Fields

        Design Philosophy

        Design Review

        Design Methods

        Design Strategies

        Interaction Design

        Conservation and Regeneration of Architectural and Artistic Heritage

        Regional Visual Culture


        1. Recruitment

        Subjects and Professions:

        Kansei Engineering / Electrical Engineering / Interactive Technology/ Service Design

        Material / Color Research/ Design Methodology / User Experience/Strategic Design


        Information Design

        Media Design

        Graphic Design, Brand Design

        Environmental Design

        History of Design Theory

        High-level interdisciplinary design talents (Ergonomics, Computer Science, Sociology, Psychology, etc.) are particularly welcome to join us!


        1. Contact Us

        Please contact:

        Mrs. Zhu


        University Address: No.1800 Lihu Road, Wuxi,214122, China


        For general university policies, please visit: